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Here’s Why They Chose to Support India Re-Connect Mission?

Bishop C. Joseph Sprague, Former Bishop of Northern Illinois Conference , UMC “When I traveld to India in Feburary, 2000, my heart was deeply touched on my mission trip enroute to Hissar, Haryana, and I adopted India’s children as my own children.”
Rev. Deborah L. Fisher, Former Aurora District Superintendent, “During my Mission trip to India in 2000 with Bishop Sprague and others our hearts began to beat with compassion for the children of India so they know they are remembered and cherished by us.”
Rev. Edgar L Hiestand Jr, Former Secretary of India Re-Connect committee, Northern Illinois Conference, UMC, “My part of the journey with Man Singh Das started 43 years ago and millions in India. He has helped me in realizing that the children in India are our children too.”
Dr. Gene Acuff, Professor Emeritus and Former Chair, Oklahoma State University, “Greeting and Thanksgiving for all the Lord’s work done through your Foundation. If we ever needed a witness to His Grace and Sovereignty we simply need to review your life. I’m so honored to have small part of your beginning and thank God for the honor. Blessings to all.”
David and Angela Freeland, Head Coach, Emerald Coast, Barracudas, “I and Angela both feel that coming in contact with such God loving people at Panama Canal Cruise was such a blessing, and you could feel the beauty of your auras. We were very moved by what you do, and we enjoy giving when we know it’s for good.”
Raj Venkatraman, CRPC, CFS, MBA, Insurance and Financial Planner, “We really like your Foundation since you are helping the needy in India where several children need financial help for education, health, and maintenance. I take lot of pride in supporting your noble cause.”
Sanjay A. Das, CFP(R), CSA, Financial Planner, “When my father was in Mission Boarding School my grandparents were so poor they could not afford to pay his fee of RS. 2.00 (About 4 pennies) per month for room, board and tuition. I want to support our former boarding schools in India which now have deteriorated.”
Anjali C. Das, Attorney at Law, “Our parents are huge proponents of helping underprivileged people in India. They are trying to raise funds for much needed Ministry of ‘Transforming Hopelessness into Hope for the Poorest of the Poor children of India’ and we want to be a part of their vision.”
Marjorie Brierton, Reaching Out Ministries, Canada, “it is great to know that God gave you the vision and the burden to revive the mission work in India. Many poverty stricken Christians need to be cared for and I have such a burden for them.”
Mark Potaczek, Vice President of Fuels and Marketing, Parent Petroleum, “In today’s materialistic world, the tried and true principles of kindness, integrity and service to others are omnipotent. All of us who have been fortunate enough to know Rev. Das can apply this approach to our own challenges, hopefully in this same spirit of ‘serving others’.”
Thomas B. Ryan, Registered Representative, AXA Equitable, “Over the years I have seen Rev. Das serve the Lord through his ministry with the Church and eagerness to help the poor and I want to be a partner in Mission.”
Barbara L. Warner, Church Secretary, “It has been a blessing working with Dr. Das for these past 28 years and watching his work in the Lord’s Vineyard and especially with the poor children of India.”
Dr. Prabhu D. and Muriel C. Rawate, formerly of Mission Boy’s Boarding School, Etah, Uttar Pradesh, India. “The Rawate family decided to contribute to the Man Singh and Promilla Das Foundation in large part to the impassioned work that Rev. Das has committed himself to for the poor and needy of India. Having felt the pangs of this despair within our own past, it is great joy that we attempt to offer what assistance we can.”
Promila M. Mahtab B.A., R.N. and Samuel K. Mahtab, Ph.D.Formerly a Product of Mission Boarding Schools Currently Residents of Fresno, California”God does not help anyone directly or bring about changes in human affairs except through other humans; Rev. Man Singh Das & Mrs. Promilla Das are such humans God is using to help the children in India.”
In order from left to right: Shaul, Mercy, Saloman, Shalom, Formerly of Jhansi, a product of mission boarding schools, and currently residents of Skokie, Illinois.”When we have the opportunity to help anyone, we should do it. But we should always be kind to everyone, and especially to our Christian brothers and sisters.” Galatians 6:10

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