Wisdom of Life


“A Drop in the Bucket Can Change One Life at a Time!”

  • There are about 6,540 boys and girls in 89 Boarding Hostels from the poor families, from untouchables, from rural areas and slums who depend on your generous gifts so that they can experience amazing grace and have hope and a preferred future.
    Be a blessing for poor children by changing their circumstances.
    Join hands with the Foundation in improving the lives of the poorest of the poor children in India.
  • Support us and lift us in prayers The ministry of “transforming Hopelessness into hope for the poorest of the poor.”
  • Make the covenant relationship with the India Re-Connect Mission which is the way individuals build a partnership with a particular boarding school or an institution. On the donor’s side is a promise to provide financial and prayer support. On the recipient’s side is a promise to Communicate and visit the supporting Mission Project.
  • Sponsor a child in a boarding school and pay for room, board and tuition for one month($30.00) to one year ($365.00).
  • Give generous gifts to the foundation for charitable India Re-Connect Mission Projects.
  • Visit poor children in boarding schools and Mission Project.. Donors not only cared about us; but they came to care deeply about the people where we were serving.


The family of Anil and Asha Prakash of New Delhi, India

 “We are impressed and inspired by the dedication of Rev. Man Singh Das, who has come all the way to visit mission sites in India.(October 25 – November 23, 2011). He has inspired us to become Mission Partners and to provide financial support in Indian rupees for the needy children in mission boarding schools. We want to share our blessings with the needy children of our country, India.”

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